"Rob Brooks is a smart, determined, no nonsense fiscal conservative with a proven  track record of restraining and reinventing government.  This, combined with his compassionate heart for those most in need in our society, makes Rob Brooks the best choice for State Assembly.  We are fortunate to have a person of such high integrity willing to represent us as a citizen legislator!  Joe Dean

Adam Prom

Amy Lou Onshus

Betty Kroening

Collin O'Donnell

Dan Chaudoir

Dave Mueller

​David Spietz

​Don Hrovat

Don Priddy

Fredrick Sutter

​Heidi Morgan

​James Cash

Jim Thome

John Grosklaus

Laura Hrovat

Michelle Welch

Molly Reynolds

​Rebecca Schroeder

​Tanner Welch

Trevor Swartwout

Paul Seifert

​Fran Seifert

​Theresa Phelps

Jamie Huybers

Diane Tesker

Vanya Koepke

Public Safety

Sheriff Maury Straub- Ozaukee County 

​    "Rob Brooks is a strong leader- firm but fair.  I wholeheartedly support Rob for State Assembly.  Rob will bring his strong business acumen, demonstrated leadership, and common sense approach to the state legislature".

Deputy Roger Burke- Ozaukee County

Rich Van Dinter-Former City of Cedarburg Fire Chief

Chief Jeff Goetz-Village of Saukville Chief of Police

Business owner

Jim Melichar-Agriculture

Joe Roden- Agriculture

Bob Roden- Agriculture

William Niehaus-Medica International, Ltd. Former Ozaukee County Board Supervisor, Former Town of Saukville Board Member

   "I have known Rob for many years, having had the privilege of serving with him on the Ozaukee County Board. I was very pleased to learn that he was running for Wisconsin Assembly. He is a man of high intellect, stability, fairness, true leadership capability, and impeccable honesty. In addition he has the ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people of differing backgrounds and capabilities. Rob is always willing to listen to others' opinions in a civil manner while at the same time remaining faithful to conservative ideas and principles that he takes seriously. His election to the Wisconsin Assembly would be a great benefit to the state and his immediate constituents. I wholeheartedly endorse Rob Brooks for Assembly."

Dan Becker-President X-cel Tooling

   "As a successful business owner and local government official, I understand first hand how difficult it is to make those tough, but necessary decisions. I have worked alongside Rob for close to a decade on the County Board and know he has the proven leadership skills which are necessary to continue enacting reforms that bring state operations more in line with the private sector. These reforms ultimately lead to better state services while at the same time respecting scarce taxpayer resources."

Marty Wolf-Spectrum Contracting Corporation

Ben Sippel- Sippel Electric

​Bruce Bloemer- Real Estate

Carmello Raffaele- Messina's Italian Restaurant

Jack Janik-Neuens Fredonia Lumber

​Chris Ernster- eTek Tool and Manufacturing

Don Clark- Village Printer

Jay Schwanz- J's Sports Bar

​Jeff Mayer- J&H Heating

​Jim Keller- Firehouse Restaurant

Joe Kinzer- Real Estate

John Roden- Forestry

​Justin Puestow- Puestow Drywalling

Lonnie Eder- Co-Owner of the Railroad Station

Marcy Ernster- Ernster Properties

Mark Ernster- Hamilton Commercial Center

Mary Anheier- Salons of Conservancy Court

Mike Bertram- Bertram Construction

Randy Mueller- Mueller Heating and Cooling 

​Randy Bell- Big and Small Builders

Richard Tesker- Tesker Manufacturing

Sid Arthur- Sids Sealants

Tom Shannon- Shamrock Partners

​Liane Baranek-Baranek & Stanke Court Reporter

​Jeffrey Phelps-Photographer


Andy Phillips- Attorney

Jake Curtis- Attorney 

  "I had the privilege of serving with Rob on the Ozaukee County Board and witnessed first-hand his leadership in maintaining Ozaukee County as one of the leanest run and lowest taxed counties in Wisconsin-- all without sacrificing core services.  Rob is the one candidate who has the unique combination of private sector background and local government experience to continue advancing the conservative reforms championed by Governor Walker".

​John Rothstein-Attorney

Darcy McManus- Attorney

​Perry Lieuallen- Attorney

Robert Brooks- Army Pilot

Mark Vey- Insurance/Business Owner

John Ross- Banking

​Linda Chesak- Banking

Heather Cain-Attorney
Jane Yoho - Insurance Agent/Owner


​Alexandria Mahl
​Amanda Brzakala
Bob Boehm

Bonnie Bloemer
Brian Schultz
​Butch Dimmer

Cindy Vitale

Dani Gaudet

Dave Schinker
Dawn Brooks
Dawn Priddy

​Donna Tanel

Elizebeth Trice
Eric Bell

Eric Tesker

Eugene Welch

Gary Knaub
Gary Schultz

Harry Kumar
​Jacob Davel
Jacob Schwanz

Jake Haas

​Jake Tetting

James Mannes
Jamie Sherrick

Jeff Bell

Jeff Trice
Jennifer Fredricks
Jessica Brooks

Jim Scott
Jody Schwanz
Joey Krummey
John Berka
John Fischer
John Walker
Jon Pezsko
​Jordan Tetting
Joseph Pipkorn
Justin Binns
Justin Moeller
Justyn Krueger

Kathy Chromy

Ken Schultz

Kevin Kelley
Kevin Schmidt

Kim Laabs-Roos
​Kim Tetting
Lori Grunwald
​Lori Welch

Mark Banton

Mark Buenger

Mark Mersereau

Mary Moorman

Merla Mersereau

Michael Lackovic

Mike Melichar

Mike Sherrick

Paul Fischer

Peg Kelley
​Penny Dimmer
​Phil Neuman 
Sean Mackin
Shelly Bell
Shellyann Paape
Sue Walker
Sarah Krenn
Stephanie Fischer
Stevie Heinzen
Terry Binns
Tina Arthur
Todd Schowalter
​Tom Habbich
Verna-Lou Moschella
​Wayne Moeller
Wyatt Elder

Current Endorsements - If you would like to join our list of supporters, please go to the I am Willing To page

Brooks For Assembly

Conservative Leadership

Elected Official

Jeff Brey-Cedarburg School Board Member

Mark Meisner - Cedarburg School Board Member

Dave Krier - Cedarburg School Board Member

Dave Maglio-Village of Saukville Trustee, Law Enforcement, Former Marine

Rick Bauzenberger- Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Tom Mlada- Mayor- City of Port Washington

Paul Melotik - Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Bill Driscoll- Alderman- City of Port Washington

Bob Walerstein - Former Ozaukee County Supervisor

  "  I have known Rob Brooks for over 10 years, eight as a County Supervisor.  I have found him to be extremely bright and a joy to work with."

Dan Becker- Alderman- City of Port Washington,

                     City Council President- City of Port Washington,

                     Ozaukee County Board Supervisor, Former 2nd Vice Chair

Donald Korinek- Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Don Dohrwardt- Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

                             Village of Fredonia Trustee

Jennifer Rothstein- Second Vice Chair of Ozaukee County Board

                                 Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Dick Dieffenbach - Ozaukee County Board Supervisor, Retired CPA

Joe Dean- Former Mayor and Alderman- City of Port Washington,

                 Former Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Kathy Geracie- Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

​                         Former Vice Chairman of Ozaukee County Board

Glenn Stumpf - Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Katie Callen- Former County Board Supervisor

Kevin Rudser- Alderman- City of Port Washington

Lee Schlenvogt- Ozaukee County Board Chairman

                            Former Town of Port Washington Chairman

Mary Lou Mueller- Ozaukee County Clerk of Courts

Mike Ehrlich- Alderman-  City of Port Washington

​Paul Neumyer- Alderman- City of Port Washington

Scott Rishel - Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

Tom Winker- Ozaukee County Board Supervisor

                    Town of Belgium Chairman