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Landlord Tenant Law


A few photos from some of my bills that were signed into law during my first term:

Voter ID

I support legislation requiring a photo identification to vote.  Protecting the right to vote should be a priority of every elected official.  Moreover, proof of citizenship and residency when registering to vote should be a minimal standard for purposes of preventing fraud.  Voting is a privilege and honor.  It should be easy to vote, but hard to cheat.

Government Reform

I believe we need to streamline state government by eliminating agency rules and state laws which prevent, or even in some cases prohibit, elected officials from running government in the most cost effective manner possible.  Act 10 has provided local officials with the necessary tools to better manage public sector employees while at the same time providing the organizational flexibility to make the decisions necessary to provide better services. As a taxpayer watchdog on the Ozaukee County Board, I was able to use my position as chairman to infuse private sector principles into many of our decision-making processes.  We implemented numerous privatization  initiatives, including contracting out the pharmaceutical and housekeeping functions at Ozaukee County’s nursing home and the jail kitchen services, in the process saving Ozaukee taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  Through tough negotiations we have more closely aligned the County’s benefit package with the private sector.  Ozaukee employees, including the jail staff, now pay for a portion of their retirement benefits and all new county employees pay 20% of their health care benefits.  Because of these employee benefit reforms, over the past decade Ozaukee County employee costs have averaged approximately 12% below the annual consumer price index (“CPI”) every year. 

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.” ― Ronald Reagan


In order to lower the overall tax burden on Wisconsin residents, all levels of government must prioritize spending, distinguishing between core services that must be provided and benefits that government simply cannot afford (and in all likelihood should have never been providing in the first place). Too often policy makers have lost sight of what should be core state functions – public safety and infrastructure.  The state must continue increasing accountability, identifying efficiencies, and identifying those functions which can be better served by the private sector.  During my tenure as Chairman of the Ozaukee County Board, we reduced staffing by 18% without sacrificing core services.  In addition, during this time the county tax levy remained 26% below CPI.  And because of these efficiencies, the county was able to invest in public safety.  Last year we strengthened county law enforcement by hiring a new crime analyst, a detective and two patrol deputies. 

Moody’s Quote on Ozaukee’s improved bond rating from AA to AAA “Financial operations will likely remain solid given management’s demonstrated commitment to maintaining operational balance and healthy  reserves”.  

I do not support an additional regional tax for entertainment venues.  Ozaukee and Washington County residents should not be asked to support cultural assets in the City of Milwaukee when our communities have unique assets that require attention.




Parents should be empowered with the ability to provide their children with the best education available irrespective of zip code. By expanding school choice, charter schools and other education options, parents have the necessary tools to provide the education that best fits their child. Wisconsin also needs standards in order to measure performance at all grade levels.  However, I do not support a national standard that may lower Wisconsin standards (grading on a curve only serves to enable those that underperform).  We must demand more for every tax dollar spent at every level of government. I fully support Governor Walker’s freeze on UW tuition and his efforts to form a consortium to set Wisconsin standards.

I also believe we need to hold our tech schools accountable. The average Ozaukee taxpayer provides the same amount of revenue to MATC as they do to Ozaukee County.  Yet MATC’s board of directors remains unelected and largely unaccountable. MATC’s board should be elected and held accountable to the taxpayers. “Taxation without representation.”


The only way to cure our country’s debt problem is by growing the economy through job growth.  First and foremost we need certainty in the market. Four areas that need to be improved to create a vibrant economy in Wisconsin are:

  • 1. Lower taxes
  • 2. Less government regulation
  • 3. Certainty in health care and
  • 4. A skilled workforce.  

It is not about providing incentives to do business in Wisconsin it is more about taking away the barriers that prevent us from growing our businesses. 

“Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon”  - Winston Churchill

Second Amendment

I believe in our right to keep and bear arms.  I will oppose any legislation that restricts the right of law-abiding citizens to defend them.  I am an avid hunter, have served as the membership chairman for the Saukville Gun Club and am a life member, and have obtained a concealed carry permit.


I believe in the sanctity of life, beginning at conception, and oppose any tax revenue being used for abortion related services.  I will support pro-life measures that protect the rights of the unborn while at the same time providing expectant mothers with every opportunity to care for their babies, either personally or by way of adoption into a loving home. 

Adverse Possession-Protecting property owners rights.

Health Department Bill-Allowing counties to realize cost savings by combining services provided.